Summer Weight Cotton Non-Medical Masks with Filter Pocket

$ 20.00

New Summer Weight masks!  For now, they will be available only in black,  and turquoise outer with different cotton inner pocket linings, depending on what is cute and available. Royal blue will be available the week of June 9, but you can pre-order now and they will ship as soon as I am finished sewing them.

Check out my Neoprene masks! 

Same design, but a lighter weight cotton for hotter days. The outer layer is a cotton, and also features an inner pocket  to hold your choice of filter. Thanks to your feedback all masks now have larger ear loops!

Click here for a list of the charities we are supporting with your mask purchase

Jashelle and Dianna are wearing a size medium, the kiddos (12 years) are wearing a medium also. Children 11 and under usually fit small

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Small fits children to 11, Medium fits most women, Large fits most men, and best if you have a beard, or a larger head shape



Not N95, but they can help. Please leave the medical grade for the professionals. These masks are great for short trips to the grocery store, or dog walks. Filters not provided, but a cutting template comes with your order

**Please be advised, it’s just me making these in my home studio by myself. I hope to ship quickly, and although I’m working around the clock, I can’t guarantee a ship time. They will not take more than three business days to create and mail out. Often, the same day. Please get in touch if you have any questions**

**Local pick up available downtown Toronto at Dufferin and Bloor area

For more information, watch this video #Masks4All

Same design, but a lighter weight fabric for hotter days. The outer layer is a semi-stretch cotton and features, an inner pocket  to hold your choice of filter.

These are made with soft lingerie elastic, lightweight cotton, and an inside liner that holds a filter of your choice in place. Filters not provided, but a cutting template comes with your order. Many people are using coffee filters, tea-towels, blue shop towels, dust filters, flat charcoal filters.

Machine wash and dry

These masks, like all of my Starkers Corsetry items are made by me in my home studio. Masks are carefully packaged and shipped to you. Local porch pick up is available in Toronto, as well as shipping options.

These masks will not prevent you from getting COVID-19. Staying at home is the best method of flattening the curve, these masks are not designed to replace distancing,  hand washing, and avoiding touching your face. Because these are washable and reusable, they can cut down on the number of N95 medical grade masks being used by the general public, and saving the medical grade masks for those medical staff, and other members of the public who are required to be in close contact with others at this time. These masks will not guarantee your safety against the virus, but it can help reduce community spread. Be sure to remove mask  bag it, throw away the filter and wash it immediately upon returning to your home if you wear it outside. Wash your hands immediately after touching the outside of the fabric

I have a FREE video and patterns available so you can make these yourself if you can sew!

Stay healthy and stay safe!

About Nose Wires: These masks do not have a nose wire, because my masks are designed to be washed and worn many times over. This would quickly break and rust a wire, as they are designed for masks created for one time use.

**Local pick up: You will be sent an email within a day or two of your order with the location for pick up when your order is ready.

*** Shipping: To keep safer, I’m shipping twice per week, Mondays, and Thursdays. Please contact me if you don’t receive a tracking number within two days. Tracking numbers will be provided when it ships, but shipping times are not guaranteed.

Give a healthcare worker a virtual hug today!! From a responsible distance.




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