Q: Do have to have a severe waist reduction with a corset?

A: Not at all! Most corsets we make have a natural looking waist curve, this is about 3″ smaller than your natural waist measurement and is very comfortable to wear all day if you choose. Tightlacing and severe waist reductions can be achieved, but are not necessary.


Q: How do I order my custom corset if I can’t get to your studio?

A: To order your custom corset online, begin by looking through the corset and gallery sections of the website to get an idea of what you may like. You are welcome to call, or email us if you have any questions, or need advice on what style or fabric would suit you best.

Please see our page Ordering Online

Q: I am planning on losing weight for my wedding, should I order my corset now, or should I wait?

A: It is best to wait until you are close to your goal weight before you measure for your corset to achieve the best fit. Weight can come off in some places faster than others and this can result in an ill fitting corset. We do leave 2″ of space in the back as well as a back protector to accommodate some weight fluctuations.

Q: Do you provide personal fittings?

A: We provide a friendly, discreet and non-judgemental environment for your corset fitting in the central Toronto area. If you would like a personal fitting, please call to book at least 3 days in advance. We are available for fittings weekends and evenings. Consultations are also available over the phone and by email. Please contact us to book an appointment.

Q: What should I expect once I place my online order?

A: Once you place your order and send your deposit, we will give you an estimated time of completion. This will vary between 6-8 weeks depending on the season. We must receive the remainder of your payment before we ship your order. Your corset will be sent UPS to the US, and you will be notified of a tracking number if it is within the US or Canada. Overseas orders are sent Canada Post and take considerably longer in transit. We cannot guarantee delivery times of overseas orders without additional shipping fees. Your corset will arrive properly laced and will include a back protector. We will also include information for lacing up your corset and how to take care of your corset and yourself while wearing one. .

Q: I am nervous taking my own measurements, how can I be sure I won’t mess up?

A: It is best to have a friend measure for you, so you can stand straight and not have to bend to look at the tape positioning. When we receive your measurements, we look them over to see if anything looks unusual and we may ask that you re-measure something specific. We have been making custom corsets by mail order for nearly 16 years, so we can see if something looks off before we begin your pattern. We are happy to help you through the process step by step if you need. We will also make a cotton mock-up for you if you wish.

Q: I like the top of the Batty and the bottom of the Gabrielle, can you combine the two?

A: Absolutely! Because each corset is custom made, we can make any modifications you like. We can mix up tops and bottoms, add or remove shoulder straps and even make your own unique modifications.

Q: What are the benefits of a Starkers! custom made corset over an ‘off the rack’ model?

A: At Starkers!, our corsets are custom made from the measurements and information you provide us with. We take the time to draft your pattern and construct your garment to fit your individual body and style. When a corset is properly made to fit you, it is very comfortable and easy to wear.

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Q: Do you wholesale?

A: No, all of our items are custom made; we do not offer wholesale services.

Q: I have read elsewhere that I should order a corset 2″ smaller than my natural waist size, how do I figure that into the measurements here?

A: You don’t!! That rule is for some off the rack corsets. Since Starkers! corsets are entirely custom made to your body, your natural measurements are required to create a perfect fit for you. We incorporate any waist reduction you would like into your pattern. If you take inches off of your measurements, then submit them to us, this will result in an ill-fitting corset. Please contact us if you require any help with the measurements

Q: What are “D” rings and “O” rings?

A: “D” and “O” rings are attached with a leather strap and rivets to the corset as a decorative accent, which are also useful for attaching things (or people) to your corset. They are featured on the side of the Lilith corset and the front and back of the Jezebel corset.

Q: I have problems with my back and require a brace for it. Would your corsets be suitable for medical purposes?

A: We are not licensed to make garments for medical use or medically corrective garments, however, we can create a corset that can be used for these purposes. I have had personal experience with back injury and corsets, please contact us before placing your order if you are looking for a corset for this purpose.


Q: What are Riding Laces?

A: Riding laces are vertical laces under the bust that give extra flexibility and an interesting look. These are featured in our Riding Corset and shown as an additional option in the photo of our Dorris corset. These laces were commonly used in corsets in activities that required flexibility, such as horseback riding. Similar laces were also used in maternity and nursing corsets to allow the body to expand. They are shown on the Riding corset, although they are an option for any of our corset styles.

Q: Do you have any “off the rack” corsets?

A: We do often have pieces available in our Sample Sale, but we do not offer an “off the rack” line. Our corsets are custom made for a proper fit , each corset starts with a pattern that is drafted from scratch using the measurements that are provided, then cut and constructed individually for each client.

Q: Do you make corsets for men, if so what style do you recomend?

A: Absolutely. All of our corsets can be made for men, although some styles are better than others. Some men wear their corsets as armour, for this purpose I would recommend the Lilith or any shorter corset. For a feminine look, I would suggest the Victoria because it can be worn with a bra and sits low on the hips to give a dramatic waist curve and hip shaping.