During the holiday season, I am frequently asked about giving corsets as gifts and how to go about giving such a customized piece, and hopefully keeping it as a surprise.  Because corset is a highly personalized gift, in all cases, it is best to discuss this gift ahead of time to gauge the reaction if you aren’t sure. There are a few different ways to give a corset as a gift; here are some ideas.


gabrielle_strapsFor a bridal shower, (in Toronto) we can come in and measure the bride-to-be for a foundation garment for under her wedding dress, a special corset that may be a piece to take with her on her Honeymoon or something to look forward to when she comes home. She can pick out the fabrics, colours and details that she would like to have. You can also give a gift certificate so that she can come on her own time to be measured and select her corset. In some cases, we have measured and fit the whole wedding party! We can also do consultations over the phone, or by email, and the corset can be fit and purchased online.jenniferlink


To give a corset gift for a Birthday, Anniversary, or special occasion ~ Bring the gift recipient to the studio well ahead of time for a fitting. This way, they can look forward to their custom piece being ready for them to pick up, and wear for their special day (or night)! If you can’t come to the studio, we can consult with you over the phone, or by email.


For December Holiday gifts, a gift certificate works very well. Once the holidays are over, they can come into the the studio, or send their order online and have their corset ready for Valentines Day!

The best way to surprise someone with a custom corset is to purchase a gift certificate from us. That way, they can decide exactly what they would like and be measured and fit at their convenience. Whichever corset they choose, it will be a gift that is unique and custom made to measure just for them.

To purchase a gift certificate for someone, please email or call us to arrange the amount, and special message. We will email you a personalized .pdf gift certificate with a gift code to use online or in our studio.

We are happy to assist with any questions you may have.

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