Twinkle Collection Pasties

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Looking for a sparkly accessory to your corset? 

Undressed Lingerie Pasties are here! Did I mention that these beauties are WATERPROOF? Splash them, or  spray them,  and the won’t lose their shape or stones. 

Available in mini, medi, maxi, and extra sizes, or custom size and shape. We will confirm colours, and shapes with you when your order is placed. Prices may change slightly depending on details. All pasties come with detachable tassels, than you can change out to change up your look. Beaded tassels work best for water acts. The swivels move smoothly, and will keep you twirling all night! 

Our Twinkle collection uses beautifully sparkly standard stones, in any colour combination you like! We will 

Our Brilliance collection is Strictly Swarovski! Please visit our Brilliance Page to learn more.


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