Each of our bespoke corsets are custom made from the measurements that are given to us by the client. We are happy to do in-person fittings if you are in the Toronto area, but if you aren’t you can send us your measurements online.

Here is an in-depth tutorial of the measuring process you will be asked to fill out to order your corset, or you send us your measurements after your purchase has been made.


  • Be sure you are wearing a tighter fitting tee shirt, or tank top. It is also best to wear pants or leggings. If you typically wear a bra, or will be ordering an over the bust style of corset, be sure the bra is unpadded.
  • Begin by tying a string around your waist to mark your “waist point”
  • Always double check measurements.
  • We will always contact you if something looks a little off, and we will mail you a mock up to be sure everything is fitting as it should. 


Measurements Bust1. Bust 

Measure around the fullest part of your bust with your arms down. (cup too! )

Measurement Ribs2. Ribs

Measure around your ribs, this is usually where your bra band is.

Measurement Upper Hips








3. Waist

Measure your natural waist. Don’t “suck it in”, we need your relaxed waist measurement.

Measurement Upper Hips4. Hips

Find the top of your hip bones and measure around.

Measurements 2" Below Hip5. 2″ Below Hips

Measure around your hips 2″ below your hip bones.

Measurements Waist To Bust








6. Waist to Bust

From your waist point, measure up to the fullest part of your bust.

Measurements Waist To Ribs7. Waist To Ribs

Measure from your waist point to your ribs. Usually where your bra band sits, or your sternum.

Measurements Waist To Corset Top

8. Waist To Top (Overbust)

Measure from your waist point to where you would like your over the bust corset to sit. This is usually 1″ to 3″ over your nipple.

Measurements Waist To Underbsut








9. Waist To Underbust

Measure from your waist point to under your bust. Usually where your bra wire sits, or the under curve of your bust is.

Measurements Waist To Hip Bone

10. Waist To Hip Bone

From your waist point, measure to the top of your hip bone. Often 3″ – 4.5″ for women and 1.5″ to 3″ for men.

Measurements Waist To Corset Bottom

11. Waist To Corset Bottom

Measure from your waist point to where you would like the bottom of your corset to sit. Often 5.5″ – 7.5″ depending on your height.

Measurements Waist To Underarm








 12. Waist To Underarm

At your side, measure from your waist  point to where you would like the under arm of your corset to be. Usually where the top of your bra band is.

Measurements Front Waist To Back Waist13. Front Waist To back Waist

Hold the measuring tape at your waist, pull the measuring tape over your shoulder to touch the waist point in the back. Often 32″ – 36

Measurements Height14. Height

You will be asked for your height. This should be in feet and inches.









15. AMAB or AFAB bone structure

Bodies that are assigned male at birth (also known as AMAB) or female at birth (AFAB) tend to have different bone structures, rib and hip shapes, and proportions.

In order to create a corset that will fit properly, it’s helpful to know whether your body is more likely to fit into an AMAB or AFAB bone structure.

Measurements Height16.  Cup (ie: A, B, C, etc).

What is your typical cup when you wear a bra?

Measurements Height17. Torso photos. Front, side and back.

Just like this one, no need for your face (for security purposes), this gives us the full picture of your proportions.