Your Starkers! bespoke corset was made just for you. From your personal pattern we drafted, to constructing your choice of style, with fabric and colour you requested. Here are some tips on how to care for your custom made Starkers Corset.


Use common sense with your corset. If you are experiencing discomfort, loosen or adjust the corset appropriately.

It is easier to get dressed if you put on your shoes, skirt/pants/etc. before putting your corset on.

Dry clean only. Do not wash your corset; it contains steel boning that will rust if exposed to water. For leather corsets, please take to a dry cleaner that specializes in leather.

Treat your fabric corset with Scotch Guard so any spills can be easily cleaned off.

It is best to wear a thin T-shirt or camisole under your corset to protect it against excessive perspiration.

There are 7 yards of satin ribbon that lace up your corset. The laces are very strong but they may eventually wear out. New laces can be purchased at any sewing supply store or through Starkers!.

Your corset laces in the back with a loop. Pulling the bottom ribbon in the loop tightens the top and pulling the top ribbon in the loop tightens the bottom. Lace your corset from the top to the middle and then from the bottom to the middle. Tie the loop into a bow. Please refer to the lacing instructions for more information.

Do not fully lace up your corset immediately, tighten it until it is snug, then after 30 minutes or so tighten it as much as you are comfortable with. Your corset is not harmful to your body if worn properly. Keep in mind you are compressing your insides, so give them some time to adjust.

Avoid drinking carbonated beverages during, and 30 minutes before wearing your corset.

After wearing, hang your corset over a chair or plastic hanger (laces up) to allow it to air out.

Starkers bespoke corsets do not stretch out of shape.

Each Starkers bespoke corset provides a ‘back protector’ to prevent chaffing from the laces. If desired, it can be removed from the laces. 

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