About Our Corsets

Each Starkers! Corset is as unique as the person it is made for. All of our corsets are entirely custom made to measure from the pattern, through to construction and finishing. Everything is hand made by Dianna DiNoble in the Starkers! Studio in Toronto, Canada. Here is a breakdown of the stages.





Pattern: We use the measurements that you provide us with to draft your individual corset pattern. There are 15 measurements (sometimes we request more) that go into your pattern. We keep your patterns on file for you if you wish to re-order.


Construction: A Starkers! corset is constructed with four layers of fabric: the outer fabric, which you choose is reinforced with a heavy interfacing for strength and durability. A strong coutil inner base layer with a waist twill tape to keeps the shape and size of your corset accurate. Your corset is then lined with a top stitched cotton denim for extra support. Each corset has a fully boned modesty panel (back protector) that will stay flat as you lace it, as well as an underbusk (flap pf fabric under the busk) to prevent skin from peeking out between the busk. We use a both machine and hand stitching to create each corset.





Fabrics: Starkers! corsets are made of the finest fabrics and leathers. We carry a wide range of colours and patterns to suit your unique style. If you have a fabric that you would like us to use, send us a swatch ahead of time so we can be sure that it is suitable for a corset. We provide a $10 discount for that.





Boning: There are between 26 and 32 bones in our corsets, depending on the style and size. We use a combination of flat steel and spiral steel bones in both 1/4″ and 1/2″ width.




Closures: With the exception of the clasps on our Lilith corset, we use a busk closure, that is reinforced with an additional 1/2″ bone for added strength and support. Our busks are available in both silver and gold in a wide range of lengths. Sturdy grommets are placed 1″ apart, at the top and bottom and closer together at the waist where there is more pressure on the corset. Grommets are available in silver, black or gold. We use 7 yards of satin ribbon lacing that is both beautiful and very durable. All of our corsets have a matching back protector or “Modesty panel” under the lacing to prevent skin showing through the laces.

Ordering: You can either call us with your order, or use our secure order form to place your order. If you are in the Toronto area, and would like a personal fitting, we are available for fittings weekdays, weekends and evenings. Please call in advance to book your fitting. We will be happy to help you with any questions you may have (416) 871-1675. Please allow approximately 6-8 weeks for your corset to be completed and delivered.